Don't Overplan Your Vacation For These Reasons

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

When you are in the early stages of planning your vacation, it can be tempting to develop a meticulously planned itinerary. This itinerary will be your guide on where you are going to be at different points throughout the day.

An overplanned trip, more often than not, ends up restricting you and causing unnecessary stress during your vacation. Running from site to site, trying to cram everything in does not sound like a lot of fun. It is much better to adopt a somewhat spontaneous approach to your trip, and here’s why:

Itineraries Are Difficult to Stick to

Regardless of how much you plan, it’s not likely that everything goes exactly to schedule. Life is always going to throw curve balls your way - whether it’s a traffic jam, one of your planned activities is running late, or a weather problem. 

The better approach is to make a rough list of what you’d like to see on vacation and simply do what you can. You can’t control everything–and sometimes, it’s easier to just go with the flow.

You Never Get Time to Truly Relax

Hectic schedules are enough to deal with when you’re at home or at work, you don’t need that chaos when you are on vacation too.

This is your time to stop thinking about work and schedules, just enjoy getting lost in the moment. Whether that moment is you unwinding on the beach with a good book, or just roaming around the local area–you don’t need a time restriction holding you back.

It’s Too Stressful

Vacations should be an opportunity to get away from it all, not an experience that is mentally draining. It’s recommend that you should travel more slowly and that it’s better for your mental and overall health to take a more relaxed pace.

Studies also show that over planning leads to too much anxiety. If this is your vacation time, why would you want to spend your time worrying?

You Will Be Exhausted By the End of it

You see this all the time, those individuals that slump back into their office chair on a Monday Morning at 9am and tell you that they need a vacation to get over their vacation. If you try and do too much, you’ll end up exhausting yourself and the experience won’t be as fun as it should be.

Besides, isn’t it better to leave a little something for next time? You can always re-visit a destination, so it’s no big deal if you don’t get a chance to see everything there is to offer.

An Unexpected Opportunity Arises

No matter how much you plan for a vacation, you never know what might happen once you get there. Perhaps you and your significant other are vacationing at an couples all-inclusive resort and you meet another couple. There’s a good chance you might hit it off and want to spend the rest of your vacation doing activities with them.

If you turn this down due to your incredibly strict schedule, you might miss out on something fun and getting to know new people who can turn into lifelong friends.

Spontaneity is More Exciting

Sometimes when you are exploring a city or a country without a set plan you wind up discovering something truly memorable and exciting. You might come across an incredible neighborhood that the local guide books didn’t mention–if you stick to your schedule, things like this will never happen.

By over planning, you are closing the door to many of the things that are simply magical about travelling.

Kids Get Restless

When you start travelling with your children and planning family vacations, you need to take a different approach when managing your itinerary.

Kids are likely to get tired quickly and may end up needing several naps or breaks throughout the day. Take each day as it comes and see where the mood takes you.

You may end up spending more time doing a specific activity that you previously anticipated. That’s okay–the kids are happy and you can relax knowing that they’re benefiting from vacation.

You Don’t Do The Things You Actually Enjoy

While going to a family-friendly resort, you might think you’re not going to have enough time to do everything. By not over planning, you’ll be able to spend as much time doing the things you find interesting.

If you’re squeezing a local museum into your schedule purely because you feel that you should see it while you’re in town rather than actually wanting to see it, don’t.

You don’t have to do everything in the places that you visit. Spend more time on the activities you love and if you have any time left over to fit in other activities then that’s just a bonus.

It’s Too Much To Manage

To be constantly rushing around while juggling to-do lists, addresses, maps and local contacts is not practical. In fact, it’s borderline ridiculous. To be constantly checking your schedule in order to confirm that you are where you should be at a certain time is extremely time consuming and detracts your attention away from your vacation. 

It is important that you don’t overplan your vacation for your own health and for the overall trip enjoyment. By taking a more leisurely approach to vacation planning, you will get out of the experience the break that you need.

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