Planning a Camping? Things to Know

Monday, August 08, 2016

Camping is a great activity which provides a break from the routine humdrum and packed schedules as well as away from the city noise, pollution, traffic and chaos. Camping takes one closer to nature to truly appreciate the world we live in with all its natural wonders and abundant beauty. It is also a great form of exercise apart from being one with nature. Another advantage of camping is that it makes for a fun-filled holiday with family or friends, which is friendly on the pocket too. However even though it is an inexpensive way to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors, camping requires a few essential items.

List of essential items

Tent and its accessories - Camping is living in the outdoors, so obviously one of the most important things is a tent. It is advisable to check the tent once before setting it up in the outdoors directly. If the tent is old, airing it out will help deal with moldy, musty smells. Along with the tent interiors the tent zippers, extra fabric guarding against rain and the poles need to be checked too.
To set up the tent, steel rings need to be packed too. These rings made of stainless steel are multipurpose and can help right from putting up the camping poles and tent to attachment points for all kinds of gear. These rings come in various shapes too, such as triangular rings and dee rings, for ease of attachment jobs. Additionally, since they are made of steel they are rust proof and sturdy. Choose the right seller to find sturdy and useful multiple purpose rings.

Sleeping bags and pillows

Next on the list after multiple purpose rings and tents, are sleeping bags and pillows. Since temperatures drop in the woods and mountainous regions, it is a must to carry a sleeping bag. Pillows help prevent against the rocky uneven surfaces and allow a comfortable sleep for the kids too. While camping with kids, packing an air mattress or sleeping mat is mandatory since they are not used to sleeping on rough surfaces. Carrying an air pump for the mattresses is equally essential.

What more?

  • Without lanterns and flashlights it is difficult to survive in a tent out in the dark. 
  • Packing mosquito repellents must be remembered too since lanterns might attract moths and other bugs. 
  • Camping is usually without a campfire. 
  • To start a campfire, packing a match box and dry fire woods or newspapers is important. 
  • Meals out besides the campfire can be enjoyed if basic kitchenware, such as plates, spoons and aluminum pot to heat stuff and make tea, are packed. 
  • Bottled water is also essential to be packed while camping along with non-perishable food items. 
  • Last on the list of essentials is a first aid kit for any untoward incident. 

Camping tips and pointers

Once the list of essential items for camping adventure is packed, next is to consider certain tips and pointers for the outing to be safe and fun. The camping site must be close to fully functional toilets. Presence of picnic tables and benches close by would be an added advantage. The weather and terrain during camping can be unreliable, so it is best to wear warm, comfortable, covered clothes.

Camping, especially with loved ones including kids, can be fun and creates wonderful memories.

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